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What about Reviews? Do they make a difference?
Reviews are critical to the launch of a product or service. This is what people turn to, to see if they want to trust their pocketbook to the purchase. However, learning where and when to have the reviews done, is very important. Simply throwing a product in the mail, because someone somewhere asked for one is not wise. You want to know that your dollar investment is worth what you will gain from the prospective reviewer. You want long term results, not just a one time jump in hits to your site. We suggest the following as a guideline for successful reviews. Reviews that will have a long term positive effect for your company! Because remember, the review is for one product, but once they find you through that product, it then introduces them to your company and full line of products.

(A) Find companies who rank high in Google for the products they review (first page of results). Most of the reviews we do, remain on the first page of a Google search for that product. Many times our review will rank above the company's own page for the product. This will prove to be very beneficial for the years to come. Most companies, and especially bloggers, cannot offer this.

(B) Find companies who award products as well as review them. The reason for this is prospective customers like to see awarded products. It adds an extra level of comfort when they are setting out to make a purchase. While the quality awards will have a pricetag attached to them, they are worth their weight in gold. Put the award prominently on your website, stationery and on your packaging. Announce the award on your Facebook and Twitter. Be proud of earning the award and don't be afraid to announce it.

(C) Have your product reviews done by companies who attract your target audience. The more targeted you can be, the better. If your product is for children, having a review done by a company that caters to business people is probably not a very wise investment. You want to go where your product will be seen by the ones looking for it. Get your product out there! Get the buzz going! Just be sure the right people see/hear the buzz!

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