Here we will add information that will be of help to those in business or starting a business

Starting a Biz? Launching a New Product?

Here we will list companies that offer such services as design, production, publishing, packaging, testing, underwriting, branding, public relations, etc. Companies who help you bring your new product from an idea stage to a product that is available for purchase.

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  • Emerson : Network Power - Product Compliance and Conformity Testing
  • HQTS-QAI offers a complete compliance solution to any importer, retailer, customs brokers and freight forwarder. HQTS-QAI, an emerging leader for verification, production optimization testing and product certification services. We operate our internationally certified laboratories specializing in Package Testing, Physical and Chemical non-food consumer products and Textiles Testing.
  • Insight Labs will work with you from your initial concept to your final market-ready product. With open, honest communication, we'll proactively help you design better products so you can get them to the market faster and into the hands of the people who will enjoy them.

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    • It is our desire to help you find the resources and tools you need, to be successful. We will continue listing new products and services that we hear about as we go. If you know of a great one that has been of help to you, please drop us a note and share it so we may tell others about it too.