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The Monkey Mat is a clean surface you can take EVERYwhere!

Portable, compact, & stylish in attached pouch

Easy zip, clip 'n go, so ALWAYS with you for the next adventure!

Whether for life in full swing or just monkeying around, the Monkey Mat is the perfect solution to protect from any questionably clean floor, in or outdoors – EVERYwhere you explore!


The Monkey Mat is great! First thing my daughter said when I pulled it out of the handy zippered carry case was Yeah right! Let's see you get THAT back in there! .... I am happy to report I accomplished just that in moments, with no trouble whatsoever! The case looks so small and compact and the Monkey Mat inside is a whopping 5x5, so it does look like it would be impossible, but I promise it was easy!

The Monkey Mat as I said is 5'x5' when spread out. I LOVE that it has weighted corners, to keep it from flying away on breezy days. It has a storage pouch to hide things in or to help with putting things out of the way when in use. It is water repellant, machine washable, has loops to attach toys or other items to, and has loops in case you need to have some extra grounding.

That is quite a few features for something as simple as a mat! They have left nothing out. Every imaginable feature has been included.

The Monkey Mat comes in multiple colors to choose from. The small carry case allows you to easily carry it inside a purse or diaper bag or throw it in the car console for the spur of the moment outings to the park, etc. I absolutely love this and know it will get a lot of use. For picnics, for play time, for beach time ... ANYtime is Monkey Mat time!

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Monkey Mat

CATEGORY: Travel and Outdoor Gear : Children
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