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The Hanz Launcher provides hours of fun inventing catapults and launchers. You can build one of our designs or invent your own marshmallow launcher and compete with friends. You can also go online and share your design with others in our inventor community.


I am not sure which part is more fun with this one; the building of the launcher, or the play action once it is made. Using your creative side, you can move beyond the instructions and photos included and create your own marshmallow shooting machine. There are a lot of pieces included, so it is amazing what all can be created with one set. Once you have put it all together, get out your marshmallows and let the battle and fun commence.

With this set you can create two smaller machines, such as the nano's shown on the box, or one large machine such as the scorpion or spider catapults, also shown on the box. You can play alone, compete with a friend or have a battle.

An online community has been set up where you can share with others in the Hanz world, share ideas and learn to invent on your own. This toy can be viewed as a launching pad of ideas and creativity as well as just being a downright fun toy to play with once you have built it. The biggest problem I can see is getting dad to leave it alone long enough for the kids to enjoy it too (smile).

Check out the video above and see how much fun you will have with this one. The set comes with 24 brains, 8 wheels, 8 tires, 6 rubber bands and 30 beams. ... Ready ..set ... GO HAVE SOME FUN!


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Hanz Launcher

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