Trikke 8

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Category: Sports and Fitness

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Trikke three-wheeled cambering vehicles are human powered machines that utilize Trikke Tech’s patented 3CV technology to allow a rider to propel a chainless, pedal-less device forward without ever touching foot to ground. This elegantly simple construct provides a stable 3-point platform that leans into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground. A rider may reach speeds of up to 18 mph on flat ground, ride 50 miles in one day, and climb the steepest of hills (with practice!).

Trikke’s design allows the rider to naturally engage his entire body throughout the ride. Legs are active for balancing and shock-absorption and arms punch for power-thrusts and hang on for stability and control. The Trikke 3-wheeler allows you, the rider, to feel the miracle of your own body and mind working in graceful unison. The bi-products of the ride are joy, health, fitness and a renewed appreciation for yourself and your life. What other outdoor vehicle can you utilize that is fun, fitness and healthy for the body all in one machine?

We like to think of the Trikke as the Ultimate Fun-Fitness Machine that has had years of engineering and development to make it the machine it is today. Trikke Tech, Inc has an engineering team that is constantly developing new products and ensuring quality is at it's highest standard.

The Trikke has been called everything from a scooter, 3 wheel scooter, 3 wheel bike, carving trike and v-scooter among other things. However, the v-scooter or carving trike is NOT the same machine as the Trikke but rather another companies attempt to duplicate the Trikke patented 3CV technology. So don't be fooled by a cheaper price of another product similar to the patented Trikke. The years of engineering and development is well worth the extra cost of the Trikke and the support you will get from Trikke Tech, Inc.


The Trikke 8 proved to be a lot of fun, once we got the hang of how to set it into motion. Your feet stay planted on the foot rests and there are no pedals to use, so you must adjust to shifting your weight and using side sweeping motions to set it into motion. Once we got it going, it was a true blast.

The Trikke can reach speeds of up to 18 mph on flat ground while offering complete agility and control to the rider. Downhill speeds are reported to be app. 30+ mph. Rear dual brakes and 3 wheel design, help to keep the rider safe and secure in their ride.

The Trikke is a great exercise companion, offering both children and adults a way to exercise without noticing. On flat surfaces your speed is determined by your effort. Downhill is another story; and one will want to ensure supervision is in place for younger children. The downhill speeds may become overwhelming for younger riders. As with any sports equipment, safety equipment should be used with this product at all times.

A video is available, to show both the setup and the use of the Trikke. This is highly recommended to ensure all is well from the start.

The Trikke 8 is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, offering a sleek design that ensures pride of ownership. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, has 8 inch urethane wheels, and quickly folds down for easy storage. This is a worthy investment that will bring years of enjoyment and fitness for everyone in the family.

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