Stick’n Style Crystal Cuffs
Hippy Chic

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It's time to get groovy! Follow a numbered legend and add sparkling jewels to make these Hippy Chic cuffs. Crystal Cuffs encourages girls to create their own fashion and show off their unique style.




This set is for ages 5+ and comes with 150+ pieces total, including 2 cuff bracelets, adjustable snaps for a perfect fit, and 150+ sparkling jewels.

If a child is good at number recognition, they can easily make these on their own. However, it is always a fun way to share some mom and me time with them too.

The cuffs are already made and ready to add the jewels to, to make a beautiful cuff for wearing.

The design on the cuffs are one of hearts and flowers, the other having an owl and flowers. These are pretty designs little girls will cherish and they really pop once the jewels are added.

The only thing you want to be careful to instruct them on is ensuring they push on the jewels hard enough when placing them on the cuffs, that they stick firmly to the cuff so they stay secure when wearing. You want the adhesive to have a chance to do it's job, and if pressed firmly, they do quite well.

This is about a ten - fifteen minute activity, depending on the age and speed of the child. Not complicated at all, but those children who are very meticulous may take a while longer, to insure they have total perfection on each jewel placed.

Once done, they have a nice set of cuffs to dress up their wardrobe with again and again. They may also want to share one with a friend.

The snaps are easily adjusted, making them easy to fit perfectly on each child.

Kudos to The Orb Factory for another fun little craft set. This is a cute one that our 7 year old tester enjoyed making on her own. She loves the one with the flowers and the peace cross. Probably because it has the most pink on it, and she is a girly girl.


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