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CampAntics™ is the children’s board game of summer camp adventures. The board is the campground, and the players (1 to 4) are the campers. Each trip around the board is one very realistic day at camp, where campers participate in their daily activities (Swimming, Arts & Crafts, Baseball, Ropes Course, etc.), get into lots of mischief, follow the camp director’s announcements, and try to avoid the Forbidden Forest. The winner is the camper with the most fun-points at the end of the game. Colored, plastic acorns are used to keep track of each camper’s points, which are won and lost with the ups and downs of life at summer camp. Primarily for children 5 to 11 years old, CampAntics™ is also loads of fun for older siblings, parents, and grandparents (summer camps started over 100 years ago).

I invented CampAntics™ when my children were away at overnight camp. One night after supper, the idea for the game popped into my head and by 3 a.m. the board layout and rules were completed. Life, however, got in the way of finishing the project. A few decades passed and then, about seven years ago, I started the process of testing, attending toy and game inventor conferences, refining the rules, and re-testing. I also had a computer program written to simulate the game – as male and female players don’t start from the same space (cabin), I worried that one might have an advantage over the other. After running the program for five hours (40,000 unique games), I learned that the boys had a significant advantage over the girls. Eventually, a series of minor changes corrected that problem. Throughout this stage, I remained firmly committed to my major priorities: CampAntics™ must be fun, include lots of social interaction, and have great art.

Now my company, Bereb Enterprises Inc., distributes CampAntics™ through trade-shows and the internet. Distribution began early 2011 at the Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair. Later that year we attended GAMA’s show, where I met The Toy Man. He gave CampAntics™ an Award of Excellence and has been promoting the game at various locations, including Disneyland.

Special features and originality include:

• Progressive rules (start with the basics; add a few new rules when ready, and then the final set).

• Comic book format for the basic rules (Rules for New Campers).

• Single player rules so a child can play alone (also appreciated by those with special needs).

• Social interactions (share stories, sing, invite others to join your mischief space, etc.).

• 4-view game board (each side of the board has art specifically oriented to that player).

• Control of the game’s duration through Day cards (add or subtract cards during the game).

• Educational (helps children practice and improve their reading, vocabulary, social interactions, arithmetic, weighing risk against reward, and thinking strategically).

• Moral values are subtly taught (e.g., bullying is wrong, and boys don’t belong in the girls’ cabins).

• Sunny Day spaces (four jackpots are better than one).

Family game with emphasis on social interactions.
Primarily for 5 to 11 years of age.
Attractive to older children, parents, and grandparents.
Comic book rules make it fun and easy to learn.
Each trip around the board is one, very realistic day at camp.
Campers decide how long to play.
Points are won and lost with the ups and downs of daily life.
Kids deserve excellent art.


Do you remember your days at Summer Camp? I do. CampAntics brings back many many fond memories and I am sure your memories will be ignited after one time around the board as well.

There are several things I find great about CampAntics. The first of them being, the ability for a child to play this game alone. I do not believe I have ever seen this option in a board game before and I think it is great. Children love playing games and sometimes there is no one around to play with. Problem solved. In the solo version children play against the camp counselor. Most of the rules remain the same, but instead of playing against the other players, you just play against the camp counselor, sharing the good and the bad with them.

Another feature I like is starting out as a first time camper, with a simple rule set to follow, and then as you wish, you can add on more rule additions to become a returning camper. Then, when you feel like you want more of a challenge, you can add on the third set of rules and become a senior camper. Each set makes game play a bit more challenging.

Mischief Cards. This part made me chuckle. You cannot have camp, without some mischief. Of course, I am only guessing, as I am sure I would never had participated in such antics, but I have heard rumors (smile) ... Ok, Busted! .. but seeing the cards added to this game was great. Everyone has the opportunity to join in on the mischief, or they can sit it out. If they join in, they run the risk of getting busted. They also have the chance of not getting caught and gaining more points... So, what will it be? Risk it? I think so!

The Gameboard is beautifully done. The camp shown on this board makes you want to return to youth camp. Quality was definitely in the creator's mind, when he insured every detail of the game was beautiful, detailed and well made.

This game can be short or it can be long, depending on your preference and the time available. Each time around the board is 1 day at camp. You can choose a one day camp, on up to a full week. It is up to you. Just decide before game play begins.

A great game for 5-11 year olds. Also a fun game for mom and dad to sit and play with their youngsters. A lot of action, a lot of fun. This game gives a lot of opportunity for social interaction and ample time for laughter. Our campers finished as happy campers, and we all agreed this is one for the easily accessible game shelf in our home, because we will be playing it again soon.


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