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Three lively games in one! Young players will love the finger-puppet inspired characters on the hand-shaped cards. This colorful deck features lots of familiar images.

The Fingertips Rule Set features different ways to build matching skills, hand-eye coordination and memory skills. Fingertips is ideal for preschool and elementary school children.

Games can be played cooperatively or competitively to match the children's skill levels and needs. Kids ready to play for speed can rush to make matches quickly. Children who are at a social stage can play at a more relaxed pace.




3 Games in 1 for children ages 3 and up. 1-5 players can play this fun one! Once they get bored playing one way, they have two more ways to explore!

Game 1 - Mad Rush : As fast as they can, children match the animals on the Fingertips cards. Starting with 7 cards in your hand and one on the table, face up, Players turn up the top card of their stack and race against the other players to match their card with the card in play. When you make a match, lay it on the target pile and continue on with the game, using the new animals displayed by the card played.

Game 2 - Hot Dog : Still matching, but now you don't just match the animals, but the fingers they are on. This makes it a bit more challenging. Be watching! If you match up two dogs then you get an extra turn!

Game 3 - Hide and Seek : In this game you search the grid ( 3 cards x 3 cards laid out in a grid of 9 - face down, as in a game of Memory ) for the five animals on your hand. The one who is able to complete it first, wins! The most challenging of the three games but a lot of fun.

Remember! This game is one is for the younger guys. But, should you get coerced in to playing, I am sure you will enjoy it too. I did (smile).

Game cards come in a nice hand shaped case that is hard plastic and will keep the cards safe from harm. Small enough to tuck away in a purse or backpack, this is one you can take with you in the car for the stops at a restaurant, a park, daycare or a hotel. A true boredom fighter they will enjoy again and again.


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