RingStix Pro Edition

Company: System Enterprises LLC

Category: Games and Puzzles

Review Number #2244

PRICE: $29.99 (subject to change)



Fun outdoor game
- Takes 2 to 5 minutes to learn
- Recommended age 10 to 100
- A great game to get outside
- Have fun wherever you are
- Newest ring tossing and outdoor game
- Looks cool and enjoyed by many
- Works well in the wind
- Can be played anywhere...

- Get outside and enjoy the exercise
- Socialize with family and friends
- Improves hand and eye coordination
- Easy to pick up without bending down
- More excitement by increased speed
- Add tricks and create games


You can purchase the Standard edition of this game, for $19.99. The standard edition is great! However, it does not offer the over grips on the stix or the carry case. This review is for the Pro edition and I must say the grips make them more comfortable in play and the carry case is nice to have. I would suggest it if you are able. The case keeps the pieces to the game safe and keeps you from getting poked by the stix.

This game is C-R-a-Z-Y fun!!! Now if we can just teach the kids to make it go a bit straighter, we will not have to run so much! We "LOVE" this game! It has been played so much, since its arrival, I am not even sure how many times now! When dad gets home, he is asked "Can we go out and play RingStix?" ... No rest for the weary since it arrived!

You can play solo and work on becoming the next RingStix performer as you get good at doing tricks with your stix. There is no limit to the amount of tricks one could perform and practice will get you there. It will be a lot of fun just experimenting with the different ways one can work with them.

This comes as a two player game, but you can add more sets to play with as many as you wish and it would still be great fun! Comes with a glowing RING and a regular red RING, and then two sets of STIX. (RING+STIX = RingStix). Glide the ring off of your stix to the other player. The other player attempts to catch the ring on one or both stix. They in turn, throw it back to player one ... You will quickly get the hang of how to get it to go a greater distance, etc by how you coordinate your stix. Even in the wind, it is easy to get it to go a great distance. The hardest part is aligning with the incoming ring to catch it on your stix!

This game will have you running, it will also have you laughing and enjoying a great time together outdoors. Great for families or groups of friends. As I said, we have played it so much I fail to count the #. If you enjoy it half as much as we have, it will be worth its weight in gold.


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