Snack & Play Travel Tray

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The Snack & Play Travel Tray enhances the driving experience by providing a flat, safe area for children to eat and play. Snack & Play Travel Tray is made of soft, durable, 100% Nylon. It buckles either around the child or the stroller, has large mesh storage pockets on the side and a 2 inch wall to stop food and toys from falling to the floor. Snack & Play Travel Tray is ideal for short and long trips. Use the Travel Tray anywhere you go with your car seat, even airplanes! Travel tray makes a great gift.


The Snack & Play Travel Tray is a problem solver in a big way. Long drives can be such a bore for children. Sitting in a car seat, strapped in, can't move and nothing to really interact with. Sure, you can watch a movie or play with the iPod or DS for awhile, but then what? What about coloring, and workbooks, and pen and paper, and sitting stuff down when you want a break ... This is where things are a bit limited with more carseats. Well, until you discover the Snack & Play Travel Tray. Problem solved!

My daughter loves the Snack & Play Travel Tray! When it arrived I had her see if she could hook it up herself with no help. She did. The buckle goes around the child or the seat itself. She has had it in place and has been using it ever since and has not asked for assistance once. She has, however, commented on how much she likes it and how handy it is for her.

I like that it is soft, yet durable, and has been crash tested. I am one who always worries about the 'what if' scenario in an accident, as I have been in a few and have seen first hand how things can become deadly weapons in a vehicle when a crash happens.

The tray offers mesh pockets on both sides, handy for holding their sippy cup, or books, toys etc. The top of the tray has padded sides all around that are soft but also stand up in place so they keep things in place on the tray and do not allow things to slide off onto the floor.

Can be used with most booster seats, carseats and strollers.

Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The cover is 100% nylon. Filler is Polyurethane foam. The mesh is 100% polyester.

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