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Collect all the mini elements before your opponents do! Sound easy? Think again! The catch is that each Elemini can beat two other Eleminis. For example, Fire is stronger than Plant and Air. Players keep their cards face up and can play them on anyone. If that's not enough, wild Stars, dirty Trash, and crazy Action cards add to the fun! Can you be the first to collect all the Eleminis and win?

2 - 8 players. Fun for the whole family, ages 7+.

Winner of multiple game awards.

Made in the USA.




This is a fun card game that does not take long to learn or play. We took it with us on a road trip, sat on the bed and engaged in family war (smile). Well, it didn't start out as war, but as we started teaming up against dad (and then mom) we started our own version of a family war zone. Just when you think you are close to winning, along comes a wise guy with a card to slow you down. Players can come from being severely behind, only to race ahead and win by the luck of their draw.

Using the elements is a new twist to a card game. It gives a warm fuzzy approach to working with the elements that you will not get elsewhere... they look so cute on the cards!

This is a game the kids will enjoy playing and one that parents will enjoy with them. Count on about 15 minutes for a game of Eleminis and know that each time you play you will encounter a new twist and make a new friend (or enemy!).

A lot of fun - for old and young!

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