Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Company: Peachy LLC

Category: Home and Garden : Children

Review Number #2381

PRICE: $12.99 (subject to change)



-Easy to use
-No BPA or PVC
-No phthalates
-Easy to clean
-Fits most faucets


What I love love love about the Aqueduck Faucet Extender is that it is not adaptable to only one or two faucet styles. So many products on the market today, especially those for the bathroom, are limited in use because they are only made for a certain style of faucet. The word 'universal' is hard to come by... However, this IS universal because of the clever design. It does not attach in a manner that makes it prohibitive. It simply slides over the faucet, using a flexible plastic/rubbery loop that firmly holds it in place when being used so it does not slip and slide away.

The Aqueduck does not bring the faucet handles closer to the child, so they are still unable to turn the faucet to hot and burm themselves, but it does bring the water closer. So once you the parent turn the water on, they will be able to wash their hands or play without having to have you lift them or give them a stool to stand on. Makes day to day routines much simpler.

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