The Reading Game

Company: Allsaid & Dunn, LLC

Category: Education

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Make Learning To Read Fun, Fast and Effective with The Reading Game. These fast paced memory card games with accompanying content-rich storybooks can help ANY child learn to read without frustration. Each card game teaches 30 vocabulary words. After playing the card game, the child can easily read the accompanying book as it is told using ONLY the 30 words learned in card game play.

The Reading Game was awarded the 2012 Seal of Approval and a Tillywig Brain Child Toy of the Year Award, 2012 and meets Common Core State Standards.

From the author of the Wordly Wise vocabulary series.

Includes 6 decks of brightly colored cards, 6 illustrated storybooks, and Parent's Guide.




Sometimes you find a company that just 'gets it!' That is what we have here. The creators of The Reading Game 'get it!' Making reading fun and easy encourages those who are new to it and reluctant even, to begin on the journey and not look back.

This is a combination of learning through game play and practice. Children learn initially by playing the game and then reinforce what they have learned by practicing those new words by reading the books included in the Game set.

There are 30 words learned in each game and 6 books to accompany the card games. This makes for 180 words learned through this one game set alone! They will be well on their way once they have completed this set and they won't even notice they have been learning the whole time, because they have been so busy playing.

It is a nice, comprehensive set, that is easy top understand and use right out of the box. This is great to have for at home, a preschool or a learning center at your kindergarten class.

Comes with a parent / teacher guide to lead you on the way.

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