Mafia: Death and Deception

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Mafia: Death and Deception is the party game that everyone is dying to play! Two teams, the civilians and the mafia, are racing to kill one another. Through arguing, accusations, and heated debate, players attempt to figure out who is a member of the mafia while the mafia members try to lie and deceive their way to safety. Mafia: Death and Deception features 22 optional roles such as the doctor, spy, and assassin, so no game is ever the same.


Werewolf move over, the MAFIA has come to town. This game is played much like the game called Werewolf, with variants because of the mafia theme making it a fun new twist that I think you will enjoy. The artwork on the cards is simple but fun. The rule book comes in two parts, basic and advanced. They are well laid out and defined and we found it easy to follow. The rules can seem extensive and exhausting if you try to take on the advanced version right out of the box, so it is best to start with the basic version and work your way to the advanced in a game or two.

In this game there is night play and day play. If it is your night, your eyes are closed and you make no moves in the game. If it is your daytime, you will be making decisions, choosing whom to kill, whom to save, voting, eliminating ... Once a player has been killed they are silenced and cannot influence game play.

In the basic game you have a Sheriff, a Doctor, members of the Mafia and Civilians. In the advanced game you add in other civilian profession cards and trait cards as well. This takes play up a fun notch for those who are not at the novice level of their game skill.

Game play takes about an hour and the game is played by 8 or more players, making this a great party game. One person is a narrator / moderator and does not actually play the game but knows everyone and everything about it and works the players through the game.

Winning the game is by team, not person, so even if you yourself die in the game, if your team wins - YOU WIN!

A lot of fun! I think this is one you and your friends or family will greatly enjoy. A game that will have you doing a lot of talking after the game has concluded.

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