Is Love A Fairy Tale?

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"Is Love A Fairy Tale?" plays like an audio book and tells the story of Aoede the Muse who goes searching for love in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven and meets colorful characters along the way: Morpheus, Binkle, Albert, Mr. Wonderful, Amala, and Ghost Skeletons, who also sing with Aoede. Creative Child Magazine's "Preferred Choice Award-Kids's Category; "Sterling Fun" Tillywig Toy Award



How fun! I really enjoyed this "audio book". It flows warmly, intertwining music, narration and leading questions, which take you in to the story line with a pre-set stage for what you are about to embark on. Between the sound effects and excellent narration, you can visualize the story well, as you walk along with the characters you will meet on the way.

I love to put these on in the car when going for a drive ... everyone can relax and enjoy the story together. Then, when we stop for a bite to eat, we have something to talk about - the story!

This is a well produced audio CD and I know you will enjoy it. Reading is awesome - I love to read! However, sometimes reading is not practical or inviting, which are the times you want something such as this to kick back and enjoy.

Great for children ages 9-14 but I think all ages will enjoy the fun tale.


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