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Mungi Bands are the original magnetically connectable silicone jewelry. Mungi Bands are the most interactive jewelry on the market. Each interchangeable band will connect magnetically to any other Mungi Band to allow the user to create a bracelet, necklace, anklet, headband or anything they can think of. So much fun pretty soon you'll be asking...Do you Mungi?

By using the interchangeable band segments and making each band unique in design, shape, and color we have encouraged collecting and trading with friends.


Fun for friends of all ages, now you can connect in a whole new way! Change it up, instead of wearing it as a bracelet you can connect them and make an anklet or necklace ... let your imagination be your guide. Interchange with friends and make it even more fun. So many to choose from, so many to collect. Each is comfortable to wear and even more fun! Everyone loves silicone bracelets. They are fun and fashion friendly. Everyone seems to have a favorite color, favorite style. Now they will fall in love with the Mungi Bands because they make wearing them even more fun and adventurous.

The magnets hold up well, and should last for a long time with normal use and wear. These will fit any arm size and as I said before, once you start sticking them together, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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