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While fiddling with a couple pieces of wood, we found that placing a piece of wood into a unique socket provided some inherent good feeling. That good feeling spawned an idea to create a game.

Today, Pajaggle™ has evolved to a patent pending race puzzle game that focuses on the basics of spatial recognition and the many benefits that result from playing Pajaggle™. From Pajaggle™ Boards to playing e-Pajaggle, our Pajaggle™ games are designed so everyone can play.

Our passion for creating Pajaggle™ games is never ending and the enjoyment that we have been able to bring to every generation is truly rewarding. We created a simple game that everyone could play and we look forward to seeing more and more customers enjoy the game.

We look forward to creating more and more games, and more and more fun with Pajaggle™.

So whether you're a three year old granddaughter, a 23 year-old student, a 40-year old engineer, or a 90 year old grandfather, Pajaggle™ has been designed so that "Everyone Can Play."

Let's Play Pajaggle™!



It's a game - It's a puzzle - It's a heck of a lot of fun! For one or for many, racing against yourself or one another, you have got to try Pajaggle. What a kick!! With multiple games, boards and piece sets to play with, the opportunities are endless. This is one that has been loved by every age we have placed it in front of. It is a great pass time even to have at your desk, when you get bored on lunch break! You don't have to be a kid to love it... grandpa will love it too.

You simply place the pieces in to the correct holes (sockets) but because it is a flat surface using like colors, it is not as easy as it may sound! Especially when you are in a race with the clock or your opponent. You may even work up a sweat!

Using the game expansion sets you will be able to add to the fun by playing games like Block 'n Bridge, Triad, Handwars and Stepping Stones. This will definitely increase the fun and play value of the game, so I encourage you to add on as you can, but even with the basic set you will be off to hours and hours of great fun that is fully portable and time evading.

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