Company: BuckleBopper

Category: Travel and Outdoor Gear : Children

Review Number #2535

PRICE: $14.99 (subject to change)



Bucklebopper is a small lightweight tool that fits easily in the palm of your left or right hand and allows you to unbuckle a seatbelt buckle or child's car seat buckle without using fingers or thumbs. The shaft in the center of the bucklebopper acts as an extra thumb which uses the force of your arm or palm of your hand to depress small objects or buckles. Each Bucklebopper comes with a holster for easy storage out of reach of children.


BuckleBopper is handy, convenient, and a lifesaver if you have trouble undoing your child's seatbelt. A handy tool that makes life on the move easier. Just put one hand behind the buckle - push the BuckleBopper in to the seatbelt release button - and walaa - it is undone and ready to release your child from restraint.

Ergonomic and well made. It will stand up to many years of use. Comes with a holster for easy and convenient storage.

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