Bottom Spray

Company: Eco Sprout

Category: Baby Diapering

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PRICE: $9.95 (subject to change)



We made this gentle cleansing spray with baby in mind. Our Bottom Spray is made with natural and organic ingredients and is safe and sensitive for your little darling's behind. It is recommended to use on cloth baby wipes for a cost savings and natural alternative to disposable wipes.

Directions: You can either spray directly on baby's bottom and wipe, spray directly on to your cloth reusable wipe, or pour onto wipes stored in a wipe case or warmer.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Grapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, kosher vegetable glycerin, organic aloe, vanilla bean extract, vitamin E, orange and eucalyptus essential oils or French lavender essential oil, tea tree oil.

8oz Bottle in calming French Lavender, invigorating Orange Eucalyptus or Pure (no essential oils)


Delicate and delightful is how I would describe the Eco Sprout Bottom Spray. With all natural ingredients, this spray will not cause the irritation so many products cause today.

Made to eliminate the needs for disposable wipes, that are filled with chemicals that cause irritation and cost a lot of money, the Eco Sprout Bottom Spray will leave baby's bottom feeling and smelling fresh and mom's mind at ease, knowing she is doing her part in protecting her baby and our environment.

I prefer to spray it directly on baby's little bottom, and then use a soft cloth to wipe. Some may prefer to spray it on the cloth and then wipe baby's bum. I just found it took more of it, doing it that way. So, to save on the spray (and money) I chose the direct route. A little seems to go a very long way.

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