Orbeez Flower Power Light Show

Company: The Maya Group

Category: Toys : Indoor

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Create a one-of-a-kind night light with translucent petals, swirling Orbeez and color-changing LEDs. Turn out the room lights and watch the Orbeez project a stunning, moving light show on the ceiling. Batteries not included.

1 Flower Power Light Show
1,500 Orbeez in 8 colors
1 16-page full-color Activity Booklet


Place the color beads into the base with water and grow them. Light it up and you have a beautiful light show with lights, movement and magic!

Every girl will love this beautiful flower. It gracefully illuminates to display a beautiful array of color across the ceiling and room. Not only is it pretty to watch, it is relaxing, so it is a great addition to bedtime rituals.

requires 3 AAA Batteries that are not included. It does include 1500 Orbeez, so it will last quite a while prior to needing refills.

Makes a perfect addition to any girls room and is also a perfect gift for giving at birthdays or Christmas time. This will be one she treasures for a long time.

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