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Custard 'n Jelly is a line of 7 ethnically diverse guardian angels. They were created by an 8 year old girl that wanted everyone to have their own guardian angel. Each of the 7 guardian angels have a unique emotional strength and pledge to watch over their young owner. Together they form an elite task force of angels called the GARD (Guardian Angel Rainbow Division). When a child receives an angel, they, with their parents, register their angel on the Custard 'n Jelly website. There, the child can choose one of 3 children's charities where a donation will be made on their behalf.


These little Guardian Angels are so cute. They are small, not a large doll but they are so adorable and what a wonderful gift to give to a child or even to an adult. Especially if going thru a hard time, this is a thoughtful gift that the recipient will appreciate and treasure.

Created by an 8 yr old in L.A., Ally. Each doll is based on Ally's own artwork and design and has a registration number that you take to the website after purchase and the company then donates a portion of the monies made to one of three charities, which you select.

There are several to choose from:

ALLY : Training: Confidence Boosting

Special Skill: Connecting the Night Stars into Any Object

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching that believing in yourself is the key to making dreams come true.

RUBY : Training: Sensing Danger

Special Skill: Catching Lightning & Quieting Thunder

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching that being aware of your surroundings is what can keep you safe and out of harm's way.

ROXY : Training: Overcoming Fears

Special Skill: Forming any Object From Clouds

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching, even if things seem scary, facing and overcoming our fears makes us strong and able to do anything.

LEXI : Training: Inspiration

Special Skill: Smells Dishonesty

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching that if you search for what you love in life, that will lead you to action & creation.

KATIE : Training: Character Building

Special Skill: Talks to Animals

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching right from wrong, good from bad and helping kids make the right choice.

LANEY : Training: Making Wishes

Special Skill: Painting Rainbows

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching that making wishes is believing that anything is possible.

CAMI : Training: Making Friends

Special Skill: Replacing Nightmares with Sweet Dreams

Wing Status: Earned wings by teaching that life is most precious when we share it with friends.

How delightful is that, I ask you. Good work, Ally! FRC is proud to share your dream with everyone. We wish you much success and hope everyone will share a guardian angel with someone they love!

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