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My name is Sandy Van Cromvoirt, author and creator of ”Meet the Farties” a book about a family of little cartoons BUTTS and their gassy adventures. The names of the little Butts are all familiar to what we name our body noises. Freddy Fartie, Timmy Tootie, Billy Bubbles, Not Me Mama, Mr. Bart Fart and many more.

“Meet the Farties” includes Six Collectible Trading Cards of the main characters in each book and The Famous Fartie Sound Machine. Bodily gas is a universally accepted reality that has no language barrier,no country barriers, and relates to all ages.We keep it very very cute, never crude and with a message of manners, morals, and lessons written in a very funny and natural way. ”Meet More Farties” books continue to teach us all about life, as one little Butt is called BULLY B. BUTT. It addresses Bullying written in a very funny positive way for everyone to learn. Laughing, learning and healing just go together.

The Farties Inc. has no age restrictions and reaches audience that Webkinz and Veggie Tales cannot.

“Meet the Farties” is a great concept for a future ”Kids“ cartoon series, that the whole family would enjoy.

We see all the bottomless possibilities of future merchandise eg..PJ’s,Stuffed Butt Toys that make a noise when squeezed, interactive games on the Fartie Web site, items like Party favors, Theme parties, and so much more. Let The Farties be heard.

Thank you for loving The Farties.


The Farties ... First impression? A chuckle! However, as I looked closer I understood the message they were sending and the significance of it, so I stopped the chuckling (for the most part) and paid attention. A cute, different approach, to the same message parents and teachers alike work to convey to their children. The approach being different than the norm and out of the spectrum of 'proper' in some settings, The Farties can convey a good message in a funny manner that kids will enjoy because it uses the OOpsies approach to teaching and kids love non traditional learning! Especially when it includes some type of oops that they think mom might raise an eyebrow to.

The little faub that comes with the book makes assorted farting noises. Don't be surprised if your child removes this from the book, takes it to the store on your next shopping trip without your knowing and then pushes a button at the most inconvenient and embarrassing moment ... Not that I would know this is possible, but IF you have a child like mine ... do know it could happen!! (Hypothetically of course!)

The Farties do not come across in a crude manner at all, quite the opposite. It is just a funny, very light hearted approach to topics that are of significance to children. Not for everyone, but for those who enjoy some fun in reinforcing their ideals and life approach and realize we don't have to take everything quite so serious all the time. (a merry heart does good like a medicine - ancient Bible secret)

Careful ... the book may make you laugh so hard that you squeak! :)

The Farties also sent us over some of their fun little promo products. TOO Cute Tshirts with some of the characters and a little Farties message on them ... some tattoos, balloons, etc. They have a fun little lineup of products for you to enjoy. Hop on over to their website and have some fun! Don't forget the Tums! (smile)


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