The Un-Block

Company: Aha! Concepts LLC

Category: Toys : Indoor

Review Number #2784

PRICE: $17.25 (subject to change)



Unlock your imagination with this revolutionary building block system. Our interlocking blocks and connectors stimulate your imagination, encourage creativity, promote sensory exploration, improve gross motor skills and challenge the pathways your mind relays information, all while building in 3-D! Interlocking your blocks with the connectors gives any creation the ability to be picked up and moved in one piece without the fear of it falling apart! Handcrafted in the USA, using only the finest ash wood, this educational system is perfect for young and old. Engage your imagination as you think outside the box.


No more building a structure with blocks only to have it collapse on the table when it gets bumped. the Un-Block solves this problem by interconnecting pieces that stay in place even if you pick up the structure and move it. Using a connector between each block placed, they are solidly connected. Un-Blocks come in many package sizes, from 16-150 pieces. I like these. Un-Block and Good idea are synonymous !

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