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Reindeer Magic is a beautifully illustrated children's Christmas Classic with adoptable plush deer as well as magic reindeer food. This beautiful Christmas trio is sure to become a treasured family tradition.


A true treasure that you will want to share with those special children in your life. This adds a special extra to the holiday season and gives them something to look forward to year after year ... their very own reindeer and food to feed him/her with. The storybook is beautifully written and illustrated and will make a nice annual treat to sit with mom or dad, grandma or grandpa and listen to the story be read again.

Things we can add to the memories of our children, as they embrace the holiday with such wonder and anticipation, helps them to carry those over for a lifetime and share them with their children and grandchildren as well.

The set is beautifully packaged and would make a wonderful gift for any child. And if you adopt children or families for the Christmas season - this would be a wonderful addition to their gifts, because you would be passing on a memory and a family tradition to them.

Visit their website for information as well as a fun place to explore with your children and learn more about the reindeer and the Christmas spirit.

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