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Safe and reliable email for kids.

NOTE: The price displayed is for a family, nor per child.


Kids Email allows a parent to have as much or as little control as they wish, when it comes to the sending and receiving email for their children. You can control images, files, words, people on the contact list that can write to them, what times they can log in, how long they can be on ... you name it. As they get older and become increasingly responsible, you can back off of the amount of control you have and allow them more freedom and privacy.

Kids Email allows a 30 Day free trial period for you to check it out. There is no risk in doing so and this allows you to check out all of the features and see if it is a good match for your family needs.

The email settings are customized so your child can have their own look and feel to their account. The Parental controls allow you to do the same, making it user friendly for both parent and child.

Now there does not have to be the worry and danger associated in your child's wanting to email grandma or grandpa or their friend from school. Other outside influences will not be able to contact them, only those you say yes to.

Definitely a good thing to consider for young children just entering the world of technology and not understanding all of the dangers associated with it.



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