Cezara Belly Support Panty

Company: Focus: Comfort LLC d/b/a Cezara

Category: Pregnancy and Postpartum

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PRICE: $60.00 (subject to change)



Cezara™ provides fabulous comfort and support, from pregnancy to after-baby shapeliness.

Wear Cezara™

• during pregnancy as soon as you desire belly and back support

• after delivery until you look and feel fabulous again!

• after Cesarean delivery – ask your doctor how soon after delivery you can resume wearing Cezara

™ – to compress and protect your scar, cushion it while nursing your beautiful baby or wearing your baby in a sling

• during pregnancy following Cesarean delivery to lift your belly away from, and cushion, your scar

• anytime gentle belly and back support is desired

Unique combination for your comfort –

• comfortable Velcro® adjustable support band tenderly supports your back, lifts your belly, minimizes chafing

• soft internal pad compresses and protects your tender lower abdomen

• for C-section moms, the adjustable support band lifts your belly away from your scar and supports your back, while the internal pad compresses and protects your scar, especially when you wear your baby in a sling or nurse your beautiful baby

• Ahhh . . . Wonderful!


Pregnancy has not won any awards for being in the comfortable category. However, with a little help it can be more comfortable than we often times experience. We just need to know what works and what doesn't. The Cezara Belly Support Panty, available in sizes small thru 5X, offers not only support in the important areas but comfort as well. Use prior to birth and after. Great for pregnancy and post c-section support. You can wear these alone or over your favorite underwear. They are easy to position and dress into. There is a single velcro band that you adjust for you, it is quick to do and allows for it to be a custom fit every time, even when the tummy is still growing with that baby bump.

Easy upkeep, you can either hand wash or place in a wash bag and throw them in the machine. Hang them to dry though, as they have spandex and velcro, so that will make them last longer and not have any shrinkage etc.

These are a must have for every expectant mom. Once you see the comfort and support you have been missing, you won't want to be without them again. They are not bulky and will work under any maternity clothing in your wardrobe nicely.

Check them out and I am sure you will agree they are simply delightful for the mom to be as well as the new mom in your family. She deserves the comfort these bring. The Cezara Belly Support Panty brings support to the back and lower abdomen, all at the same time and relieves the pressure from your c-section scar too (when applicable).

I love the way they fit, I love the way they feel!

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