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Chibebe Snuggle Pods are Australia’s Original Baby Beanbag, designed for use from newborn through to tweens. Truth be told, we even use them at Chibebe HQ for pow wows and resting in between designing new products for you!

We LOVE stripes, and the stunning unisex Soda Pop design is one that was super fun to design and bring to life! Inspired by the color vibrancy of Serendipity Polka, our Soda Pop design is energetic, fun and totally livens up any room.

Functionality and benefit wise, the Chibebe Snuggle Pod is perfectly designed to help relive Reflux and help Prevent Flat Head.

1 x Chibebe Snuggle Pod with Pink Baby Seat (with harness)

1 x Extra Sunshine Toddler Seat (no harness)

1 x Inner Filling Bag for beans (Beans Not Included) removable, for easy washing and storage of the beanbag cover

1 x Instruction booklet

Age: Used from Birth to All Ages

Size (filled): L: 72cm W: 52cm

Seat Material: Stretch Lycra blend with soft padding for comfort and water resistant backing.

Base Material: Durable Coated Polyester Fabric water-resistant backing for Easy Wipe Cleaning.

Filling Supplied: No

Filling Required: Yes, Polystyrene bean bag beans. (Available for approx. $13 from most good department stores for a 100lt bag of beans.) Use about 2/3 of this, or 65-70lt, to fill the pod).


I love the Chibebe Snuggle Pod. It is not only a great infant seat, but what I love the most is this is perfect for infants who suffer from reflux. Now they can recline comfortably and safely and be upright enough that they will not have the problems from reflux they would have when lying flat. It will also help to prevent them from getting a flat head from always being up against a hard flat surface in other seats and beds.

Chibebe offers several designs and colors to choose from and the Snuggle Pod can be used for newborns as well as toddlers, children and teens. They are a small beanbag chair that is adaptable to all ages, just by changing out the seat, (to remove the harness for older children) and removing some beans when used for older children as well, so it is to their comfort level ... but I personally think it is terrific even if just used for infants.

The backing is water resistant to help keep the bean bag from becoming wet. When you need to wash it, simply unzip the seat and throw it in the washer. When it is dry just zip it back in to place. Can it get any easier?

I know you will love this one as soon as you lay eyes on it. It will quickly become your goto piece of baby furniture I almost guarantee it!


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