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FunBites cuts kids food into bite-sized fun shapes! We get even the pickiest eaters to try new foods and eat healthier. Try on pancakes, fruit, cheese, brownies and more! Each FunBites comes with a curved blade cutter and matching popper top to pop out the bite-sized pieces. Now available in Squares (creates 12 perfect sized squares), Triangles (makes 10 bite-sized triangles) and Hearts (designs a big heart out of 10 geometric shapes). Mom invented, BPA free, Made in USA and dishwasher safe.


Oh My Goodness! SO MUCH FUN!!! These little guys will make eating snacks and meals so much more fun. Mom might have as much fun creating, as the children have eating the meal. Easy to use! Safe to use! Easy to clean! ..... and small enough to easily store in any drawer, the FunBites are a bright idea, by a mom, when she wanted to make meal time a little more fun and enticing. What a fun way to brighten a child's day at school when they open their lunch box and see that their sandwich is not only a sandwich but a gesture of love, as they see it in a heart shape with maybe an I LOVE YOU note beside it.

We have added this product to the special needs friendly category because we feel if you are dealing with a certain segment of special needs children, finding new ways to create fun and interest for meals can be very important and this will definitely fill that void. We hope this product will make mealtime a little less stressful for both parent and child.

These make for a great party favor tool as well. I like to use the small squares to make mini sandwiches that are uniform in shape and size and small enough to be a perfect party tray appetizer. Sandwiches, meat and cheese trays ... so many clever ideas one can come up with for these as you let your imagination soar.

They offer three styles currently. Triangles are the new shape, and then they offer squares and the heart. Fun, Fun Stuff! I would get all three, as they are modestly priced, well made in the USA and will last a long time. By having all three you will have the perfect one for any occasion that may arise.


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