Infinity Headbands

Company: Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs

Category: Beauty and Hair

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Infinity Headbands are the only interchangeable headband that allow the user to convert the base color/style with a simple change of an Infinity Cover, while also offering an option to add flair with our custom embellishments that easily slide into place anywhere you like on the headband.

Girls love creating their own unique style with Infinity Headbands!

Moms love them because they:
~ Cut down on the clutter of tangled headbands
~ Save money by eliminating need to purchase multiple headbands
~ Are more throwing away a soiled headband
~ Are easy to travel with


A great new creative way to dress up the do! The hair-do that is!

These are great! They sent us a starter kit, which consists of the headband itself, a wrap and then an embellishment )in our case a beautiful pink bow, to go on the zebra print wrap). You simply place the wrap over the headband, and then place the bow on top of the wrap and you have an elegant headband to wear! And if you want to change out the look, simply purchase other wraps and embellishments, from the multiple styles and colors they have to choose from, and you can be stylin' in a different way each and every day of the week!

I think they are great! They are simple to create the look you want, they stay in place nicely, so you are not worried about losing the different parts, and they are beautiful! The headband is made of a durable material but they are also very comfortable and do not feel too tight or pinchy on the scalp as some do. These are wonderful and I know your daughter will love them, just like my daughter does. She feels like a 'glam queen' when wearing it (and looks like one too, of course!) (smiles)

Check out their site for the many styles to choose from and start your own set today! Great gift idea that you can then add to every birthday or holiday ...

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