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Category: Education

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OctoPlus makes math fun and engaging for kids. The app reinforces key math skills within an interactive gaming environment. With both a drill and challenge mode, children’s math skills are improved based on their own individual learning ability. OctoPlus is also designed to enhance motor skills for young children and kids with motor or cognitive delays. With a phenomenal ability to set options, this app will keep kids motivated and engaged. The app is designed to improve visual attention, timing, coordination and control. Parents can also use this switch-accessible app to reinforce Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.


The easy start along with the carefully designed progression of this program makes it a great fit for both the younger child as well as the child who struggles with math or comprehension as a whole.

I would recommend Octoplus by Zyrobotics as a nice tool to keep in your arsenal. When used as a "game" children are much more readily accepting of a program like this which is educational in nature, remedial by design, but fun and entertaining as well.

Thinking outside of the box is so important as is the love of math in our world ... by combining those two into this one small, inexpensive but beneficial program, Zyrobotics has a winner on their hands in my opinion.

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