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The Junkie transforms your backseat, organizes your junk and keeps your kids entertained. With a “tech mount” for kids to share one device, both kids can access, interact and view together. Two compact, retractable activity trays for snacking and play. Junkie also features two convenient cup holders. Expanding compartment fits the removable, reuseable, refillable tote bag with insulated pocket, to transport all your junk from home to car.


So handy and so clever. This fits so nicely into my Sonata and gives both passengers access to the same stuff, and allows them to safely and neatly store everything away so it is not in their way or driving this mom crazy.

It attaches securely and appears to be very safe when installed correctly. It has room for so much stuff and has a great design that kids love and looks nice. It holds their drinks securely, so they are not falling off and spilling, and has a nice little place to hold their snacks for while on a road trip. I love how it has the foldup platforms that can drop down to hold their color books, and also has a flipup stand to hold the dvr player or their tablet, etc...

All in all this is one terrific setup that I highly recommend for you to check out. The price is great too! Click on over to their website and have a peek! I think you will thank me on this one.


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