Citronella Fire Logs

Company: Earth Log

Category: Travel and Outdoor Gear

Review Number #3182

PRICE: $28.99 (subject to change)



“The Original Citronella Fire Logs” are scented, clean burning manufactured fire logs.

Our Citronella Fire Logs are MADE IN THE USA using 100% Recycled resources. They consist of an All-Natural, plant based & non-toxic essential oil added to repel mosquitoes and other annoying insects.


Nothing worse on a nice summer or fall evening, trying to enjoy the great outdoors while at home on the patio or out at your favorite camping spot, to have mosquitoes begin attacking you. These logs burn slowly, so they last for a full outdoor experience and they are effective! Pests BE GONE!!

If you wish to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience, rather than being annoyed, I encourage you to try this. They are worth their weight in gold by allowing you to relax and unwind and leave the fly swatter put away.

Earth Logs are one of the companies we have featured that have appeared on the popular show SHARKTANK! .... November 21, 2014

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