Founders Force
George Washington

Company: Founders Force

Category: Books : Children

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Founders Force is a new series of children's books for ages 2-8 that turns the Founding Fathers into superheroes. These are fun and engaging books that teach about a new breed of superheroes and teaches a little history too.



A new and fun way to learn a bit of history. Though they are nothing like sitting down to a documentary, children will learn the essence of the given characters as they enjoy this fun book. In this one, we learn about George Washington. He becomes bigger than life in his role as a superhero. He becomes the Winged Warrior.

The artwork is well done and the reading level I would put at about a grade 3 level for the most part. Children will enjoy this story whether they are reading it or having it read to them.

History of our forefathers has become more and more hard to come by these days. It is nice to see a new way to peak children's interest in the past, even with this new superhero twist. If we can capture their interest in this way, maybe, just maybe, they will go back to the library and want to learn more about this great man, George Washington.

Stop by their website to learn more about this book and the others in the series. We look forward to many more great superheroes to read about.

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