Marlin The Moon

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Marlin the Moon dreams of Magnificent Macaws! What will you dream of next?? BE A DREAMER!

Marlin the Moon makes bedtime magical. His face, stars and "button" designs on his shirt absorb light and glow for a time after the lights go out.

Do you know someone special who wants to reach for the moon? They just might be dreaming of a friend like Marlin!

*dreams not included:-)

Dream Frenz® turn bedtime into Dream Time! Dream Frenz are cuddly pillow toys for the young and the young at heart. Each pillow character has a soft pillow head with a soft stuffed body that tucks inside, but watch out, Dream Frenz can hide in plain sight! The backs of the pillows have a coordinating quilted fabric. Just flip your Dream Frenz around to have a lovely accent pillow. Just perfect for Grandparents with Grandkids that visit!

Welcome to the home of the Dream Frenz®. We have big round heads, smiles on our faces and soft, tiny bodies that tuck inside! (U.S. Pat. No. 8,321,978) Dream Frenz are a wonderful comfort toy and make a great gift idea! Feel free to rest your head on our pillow head and dream away. Everyone should BE A DREAMER®. We want to be your friend to dream with! Dream Frenz are a pillow toy for rest, travel or play. We take the place of all those stuffed animals, toys, dolls and pillows that you usually pack. Kids just love to play with their Dream Frenz. Take a look at our Video and Product Page to see the fabulous new Dream Frenz for yourself!


Soft, cuddly, comforting at bedtime because he glows in the dark. Marlin is a perfect bedtime buddy. He is also great to travel with, whether it be a sleepover at grandmas house or a roadtrip with family, he will be right there with you to keep you company.

Dream Frenz offer several styles to choose from. Offering their own unique design, they will amuse and enthuse those children who are lucky enough to receive one.

Makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift, or just pick on up as a little surprise for no reason at all,other than to show your love.

Perfect in size to rest a weary head on but also perfect size to hold on to when out and about. Marlin glows in the dark for a few minutes, once the lights go out. This makes him a perfect bedtime buddy.

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