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Connects are carefully cast, subtly colored chain link pieces designed to allow precision linking. Connecting the units together by hand forms colorful chains. These colorful creations are worn as jewelry, hang on backpacks, decorate rooms and are used as toys. Our patented link can create 5 different weave patters offering unlimited creative fun. A simple, colorful bracelet can be made with 18 units. Our Pocket products contain 200 units and our Tall Pail contains 950 units and will make 50 bracelets and will keep many children busy for many hours! Kids soon discover how to make more complicated designs. Kids and tweens love Connects as a toy and a fashion accessory.

At Fathom Company, we strive to offer a portable and affordable product that is demonstrably helpful in the development of hand-eye coordination and fine more skills. We provide the building link that enables creativity and experimentation.


Connects were a hit. My 11 year old daughter and 7 year old granddaughter, both enjoyed them and spent several hours of their visit together creating. They made necklaces, bracelets, etc. and each one was a different color theme and design. They got quite creative with double connections and spacing, I was highly impressed by how they caught on and ran with their creativity all on their own.

Connects inspires this creativity and enthusiasm because they are simple, basic, and allow for imagination to take over. For this reason I applaud Fathom Company, as they have designed a product that does not do the thinking for the child, but merely allows an avenue for a child to explore, imagine and create.

Connects offers their links in several color collections, as well as various size of packages. I am sure you will find yourself adding on to your set regularly as you watch your children expand on their applications using them.

Available is sets of 200, 250 and 950 pieces


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