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New Mom Comics: The First Year is a compilation of a year of comics drawn by Alison Wong about the adventures of being a new mom. It's a humorous guide on what to expect that first year, perfect for new or experienced parents alike.

"I created this series because it’s what I wished I had during the first year – it's like a friend to tell you how it really is, with humor and love, and not fear and worry! My husband and I always try to look for the humor in each day, even in tough parenting moments, as it helps us laugh and remember them so fondly."

120 pages


This book is great and any mother, new or old, will greatly enjoy the sentiments held within, shared with subtle and knee-slapping comedic charm, as only a new mother can share so precisely. Taking those hidden moments that can pass quickly and without recognition, or even much thought, and bringing them to the forefront, has a way of easing our minds and letting us know we are okay, we are normal, and this is the life of a parent, so let's not take it too serious. Once we lighten up on ourselves and our expectations, it seems a little easier and a whole lot more fun. Parenting is a new adventure daily and we should enjoy it. Take a moment to laugh.

This is a perfect gift for an expectant mom or new parents. Grab a few to have on hand when you are invited to baby showers for friends and loved ones. Let them know it is okay to lighten up too.

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