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2 toys in 1: Can Be Flown As a Kite and a Glider!

Kite-A-Pultâ„¢ is a self-launching kite system that puts the power of flight right in your hands!

Pull back on the hand-held launcher, and let ‘er rip for high-flying fun and excitement! The sky is truly the limit!

Two toys in one! Easily remove the string and tail to launch as a glider!

Flying a kite is a breeze with the new Kite-A-Pult from Tucker Toys. No more running around in circles trying to get your kite off the ground. The Kite-A-Pult will launch your kite up and into the wind for you to guide and fly. Available in three bright colors. Now available in stores and online. Tucker - Transforming Play

Fly as a kite of a glider! Transforms when launched! Includes Pop-Open Kite and Dual-Action Launcher with Over 100ft. of string.


The Launchable Transforming Kite

Problem Solved! The hardest part for me, has always been getting the kite up into the wind enough to get it sailing across the skies prior to crashing. Run-run-run as fast as you can, trying to get it going and time and time again that effort failed. Many times I would succeed, but I always hated it when I could not get it up on the first try. Now that problem is solved by Kite-a-pulting it up into the wind zone and being able to successfully launch a kite on any 10 mph wind day, anywhere, on the beach or when landlocked.

It is a 2 stage learning process. First you launch it and fly it like a plane ... then, once you master that you hook up the tail and the string and launch it as a kite and it will take off sailing once it gets into its zone.

Once you master the techniques, you earn your reward and can go to the website to print off your certificate of completion. A fun little twist to fun times.

Comes with 100 ft of string and a detachable tail.

This is a great one that I think you will enjoy again and again. Check their site to be sure you get the color you want, as there are many to choose from.

Good job Tucker Toys! You have a hit on your hands with this one. WE - LOVE - IT!!!!

I am adding this one to our special needs category. I did this because it allows those with limited physical abilities to launch a kite when they are unable to run to do so. Now they can enjoy this great pass time too!


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