Choffy Brewed Chocolate
Ultimate Variety Set 12oz

Company: Choffy

Category: Foodies

Review Number #3324

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Richer and more robust than hot chocolate, it brews just like coffee. But unlike coffee, it supplies you with long-lasting energy without the crash or other negative effects of caffeine. In fact, the only thing that’s addictive about it is the taste!


Chocolate - Coffee - Choffy!

If the coffee bean and the cacao bean had a baby, this would be their firstborn!

I must say, the first cup, the aroma of the chocolate messed with my tastebuds. As I started for the first taste, the rich scent of chocolate was making my tastebuds anticipate the taste of chocolate, but when it hit my mouth, it did not have the taste of chocolate, but rather a deep, earthy chocolate coffee taste. Very, Very Good! However, I had to overcome that aroma dictating to the mind what to anticipate. Once I got past that, we were off and running... but it was kind of funny to see how the mind sets us up for what we expect to taste.... that experience in and of itself was fun.

We received a variety pack, with multiple flavors in medium and dark blends. Each of them distinctly different, yet all with the same richness, aroma, and tasty blend that make it so distinct and satisfying. All of us agreed that we enjoyed it. No one disliked it. This itself was a little amazing.

It is best to use a French Press, or use a one cup - in cup - brewing system. They also come in KCup form in case you use a Keurig machine.

Choffy is not only very tasty but it is also good for you. The Cacao bean has been proving to scientists over and over again in recent years the many benefits it holds within. A natural stimulant and energizer, a fat burner, and it fights free radicals ... among many, many other benefits, this makes for a powerhouse product packing a punch in each cup you drink.

My personal favorite is the Ivory Coast blend. Let me know which one you choose as your personal favorite! The nice part is, no matter which flavor you choose, you can't go wrong. They are all so tasty and wonderful, that choosing just one will be tough... and the nice part is, you really do not have to choose. You can order all of them over and over again and never have to decide on one. Check out the website to see all of the flavors and all of ways to purchase.... from single packs, to KCup sets, to variety packs ... you are set to feed your addiction.

They arrived timely and were well packaged in a safe manner that I would trust never to have problems with damaged products. The management and staff were all very delightful to work with and helped to answer all of our questions in a timely and complete manner. Our overall experience with this company has been spectacular and they are a company we can be proud and confident in recommending to our readers. It is always a breath of fresh air to encounter people like them.

When you blend together the health benefits and the taste, you come out with a winning combination that you owe it to yourself to try. There are so many great flavors here awaiting you, that you will be in exploration mode for quite awhile as you decide on which one to try next and which ones you want to try again. I think we may have to decide that the cacao bean is addictive, because this Choffy sure is!

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