PowerUp 3.0

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POWERUP 3.0 durable, crash proof design transform ordinary paper planes into App controlled machines.

Controllable directly from a smartphone free app. Just tilt your smartphone to steer your airplane left or right, increase or decrease throttle to ascend or descend.

What's in the box:
POWERUP 3.0 Bluetooth Smart Module
Spare rudder
Spare propeller
2 sheets printed templates for beginner pilots (Invader design)
2 sheets printed templates for for advanced pilots (Nakamura design)
Micro USB cable for charging
Mounting display and storage box
Multilingual quick installation guide


FINALLY!!!!!! I can finally fly a paper airplane (laughs). Remember growing up, how we always tried for that perfect one that would soar the highest and the longest? Always seemed to be the next one would be that one ... because each one seemed to have its faults and down it would go, if it ever went up to begin with. NoW! With Powerup, we can all use the templates and papers provided to make the perfect paper plane, and then not only fly it, but fly AND control it, using our phones, because of the ingenius design they have come up with to control the plane with their little power and control device, that is so much fun and we find it amazing! THIS is what paper planes should be all about!

I totally suggest watching the tutorial video series we have linked to below, to ensure you get it right, straight out of the box. It would be a bummer to decide to "wing it" on your own, and then mess it up and have a useless device and be back to the old way of paper airplanes before even having one successful flight. By watching the quick and easy tutorials, you will be a success and have a lot of hours of fun ahead.

Once you have used the paper templates provided, you can visit the Powerup website and print off more templates on your printer at home. Use the paper they suggest for best results.

This is a great toy for all ages and dads will have a lot of fun flying with their kids. Remember to use this on calm days, as winds will mess up your flight and endanger your plane.

Tutorials Start Here: (Watch them all, prior to starting)

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