Ruff Dawg Stick Crunch

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Rubber retrieving toy
floats, treat-fillable, scented
Stick Crunch – 12” for medium to large dogs
Twig Crunch – 6” for small dogs

Get all the fetching fun of the real thing – splinter free – with some extra Crunch! Rugged and durable, just like original Stick & Twig, but with a special lining that gives these toys a crunchy sound and feel. Stick is a sure favorite of large dogs, and Twig is great for smaller breeds. Perfect for retrieving, games of keep-away, tugging, and adorable photo-ops, both can be strung on a rope for added fun.


These are great! Don't believe me? Ask my lil guy ... He loves it! They come in size small and large, but my little guy (Yorkie) loves the big one, eventhough I try to tell him it is not his size. Our granddog, a Husky, also enjoys it, so I would call it a multi-dog favorite! (smiles).

They are a soft feel on the outside, but made very sturdy and will hold up to all of the abuse your dog will give it. They are so much safer than a stick they will find in the yard - no splinters.... but they make the crunching sound just like chewing on a stick they would find, so this makes it more attractive to them.

My suggestion is keep some for at home and throw a couple more in the trunk of the car so when you go for drives they can chew on one while on the drive and they have one to fetch when you stop for potty breaks.

This is one of many fine toys offered by Ruff Dawg that you can feel safe using, knowing they are well made, IN the USA and made of safe materials. Stop by their website and see what all they have to offer.


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