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Unparalleled in style and function, Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort - offered in diverse prints and organics, ethically manufactured and made with sustainable materials.

Chiropractor-inspired and mom-designed, Baby Elephant Ears can go wherever baby goes - stroller, swing, bouncer, changing table, wherever and whenever support is needed. Baby Elephant Ears is fully washable and requires no attachments, straps or special skills - just simple, loving use.

Our design and durability is superior to other headrests available to today's discerning parents. Whether you are buying for your own little pride & joy or giving as a gift, Baby Elephant Ears stands alone as a stylish and affordable essential that parents can be proud to give or receive. We can't wait for you to fall in love with Baby Elephant Ears!

Machine Wash Cold, Warm Dry - Not intended for crib use.


Comfortable and Convenient .... Introducing Baby Elephant Ears

There are many support products out there. They all have the same claims and many of the same features, as well as having similar requirements, regarding what they will work in or on, and how to set them up properly, etc. What I like most about Baby Elephant Ears is, there are no such requirements, it is not big and bulky, you do not need to snap it in place, or latch it, or suspend it from the ceiling using duck tape and a bungee cord, at a 78.9 degree angle for it to work effectively for the simple task of supporting babies head, and keeping them where they need to be for support, safety and comfort.

It is a simple design and simple to use. So simple, in fact, that you do not even need a user care guide or how to video. There is a simple instruction card included to give you the three basic steps of placing it behind baby, adjusting to correct height and tucking the bottom lobes slightly to the front of the shoulders and you and all set and baby is good to go. I . L I K E . S I M P L E !!! And this is just that. Simple, but nice! Nice in design, nice in texture, nice in craftsmanship, nice in flexibility, and nice as a company that is small enough to care about each customer, but big enough to do the job right. Thank you Baby Elephant Ears for meeting a need in a way that is appreciated.

They come ready to use straight out of the package. If they become soiled, as they most assuredly will at some point, simply throw the whole thing in the washer on cold and in the dryer on warm and you will be good to go once again. They work in strollers, car seats, on a change table, in a high chair, an Exersaucer, etc. Wherever baby may need some head support, this will work. Please do not use this in their crib or other sleeping place, however, for safety purposes.

These are very well manufactured and should hold up well. The stitching is very solid and the material appears to be of very high quality. They are also very cute and offered in so many colors and prints, it makes the hardest part of your purchase that of choosing which one or ones you want! Check out their website to choose your favorite one and while you are there, be sure to check out the many other fine product they offer as well. These were a great find that I am so happy to be able to share with you. Enjoy! (and I know you will)

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