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Organic Maple Syrup, Dark Robust, Quart

About Our Syrup
Hidden Springs Maple syrup comes from small family farms in Vermont.

Maple sugar season comes to Vermont during the early spring of each year. During sugar season we select for our customers only the highest quality maple syrup produced on our farm and on our neighbors' farms. Our maple syrup is all natural, and all locally produced. There are no additives of any kind used during the harvesting of our maple sap or during the boiling of our maple syrup. Our maple syrup is hand-packed for freshness and exceptional flavor. All of our maple syrup is certified Kosher.

At our farm we currently package three grades of maple syrup. Our Golden is produced from the first-run maple sap harvested during early March and has a light golden color and a delicate flavor. Our Amber is our mid-season product which has identical sugar content but an amber color and rich flavor. Our Dark is a late-season product with a dark color and robust flavor that is prized by maple syrup lovers at the table and for cooking. Our Golden is equivalent to the old Vermont Fancy. Our Amber is equivalent to the old Vermont Grade A. Our Dark is equivalent to the old Vermont Grade B.

One half pint (8 ounces), one pint (16 ounces), one quart (32 ounces), one half gallon (64 ounces) or a full gallon (packaged as two half gallons) of our 100% pure Certified Organic Vermont maple syrup. Available in Golden Delicate, Amber Rich and Dark Robust. Kosher certified.


S I M P L Y ... A M A Z I N G
Say what? You need me to say more? Those two words sum it up exacatically!

The first bite is like having your taste buds kissed by an angel, the second bite is as if the angel escorted you to heaven and every bite thereafter leaves you wanting just one more bite.

Sometimes when we get used to having imitation maple syrup, we can forget what it is like to have the real stuff. Then we get a bite of the real thing and we wonder how on earth we ever ate the imitation in the first place. There really is no comparison, other than one is delicious and one is not. Other than one is healthy for you, the other is not. Other than one is full of natural goodness, the other is full of additive, preservatives and sweeteners galore. So, I guess you can say there really are some comparisons, but they are not looking for for he other guys.

The smooth, creamy texture and sweet true maple taste was simply divine. This is some of the finest quality I have truly ever had, and I have tried many in my life. If you enjoy eating things with maple syrup on them, you may want to put your order in for auto delivery, or at least set their order # to speed dial. While this is a quart jug of it, which seems like a lot, it will not last long once you start thinking of all the ways you can use it and the things you can put it on. For example, have you ever put some in with your whipped cream topping for pumpkin pie? What about a little drizzle over your sausage patties in the morning, or using it in place of honey in a cookie recipe? ... the opportunities to fine tune your recipes with maple syrup are pretty limitless.

Their pricing for this syrup is very modest, the quality is supreme, the flavor is excellent, the service they offer as a company is delightful and friendly, and their years of experience in the business make them one of the leaders in the industry and they offer many fine products for you to choose from on their website when you visit. Be sure to click on the link to the right of this page, and visit the online store.

Also see our review for their Organic Maple Cream if you want to learn of some more down right good stuff! That can be found at Review #3394. (you can type that # into the Quick Launch Box at the top right of this page, to be taken directly to it, or click on "Next Review")


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