Softside Umbrella

Company: Softside Umbrellas LLC

Category: Travel and Outdoor Gear

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Rain Umbrella / Stick / Black with Free Extra Golden Camel Canopy / Free Shipping in Continental USA

Our straight (stick) 56" model is a large, strong, and durable windproof umbrella that's perfect for areas with a lot of rainy and gusty days, and includes all of SoftSide's revolutionary features:

No dangerous rigid rib tips. Now you can open your umbrella without fear of injuring your loved ones and bystanders!

The SoftSide's unique modern artistic design makes a bold fashion statement, plus the SoftSide's canopy can be easily replaced to suit your fashion mood.

SoftSide is a great investment. Unlike a standard umbrella, your investment is not wasted due to a damaged canopy. With SoftSide's revolutionary design, you simply replace the canopy, preserving your investment in the high-quality frame.

Tips To Ensure Your Highest Satisfaction with your SoftSide Umbrella

Our customers love their SoftSide umbrellas, but we've had some feedback that might be helpful to new customers:

Heavier and larger than a typical rain umbrella, the SoftSide is designed for ruggedness and a long life, as well as excellent rain coverage.

When opening a tightly-closed SoftSide, press the unlocking button on the slider, and while pointed at the ground shake the umbrella a bit to loosen the ribs an inch or two, and then it will smoothly open.

Unsnapping the canopy is best done by firmly holding each part of the mating snaps; holding only one side of the snap and pulling may rip the canopy.

(Some customers find it easier to replace the canopy with the umbrella opened, others prefer to do it closed.)

The tie strap that is used to tightly close the umbrella is not attached to the canopy. This is traditional for high-end fashion umbrellas; i.e. having the strap dangling from the canopy detracts from the artfulness of the unique design. However, the strap can be sewn to the canopy if you prefer a more utilitarian design.


The Softside Umbrella is a top notch, cut above the norm quality device. Not only does it stand up to strong gusty winds, but against forceful rains and scathing sun rays. This beautiful umbrella speaks volumes as to the quality manufacturing involved, by simply looking at it. It is made with a strong straight stick, and comes with a canopy that is strong, durable, and safe. You will not find sharp edges or prongs on this umbrella and it is made of a flexible material that makes it withstand what others cannot. Should it ever succumb to the elements or wear out, or you just want a new look for your wardrobe, they send along a second canopy in gold, so you can quickly and easily change it up and not have to purchase another umbrella.

This is one you will have for many years to come and enjoy using every time you need it. You can easily fit two people under it, so it is a great way to keep your loved one close in a walk.

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