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The Linguacious™ flashcards for helping children learn vocabulary in a first or foreign language were created by parents and professional Ph.D. linguists to fill an important void in the language learning market. These flashcards (increasingly available in more languages and topics) are the only vocabulary flashcards currently available that:

(a) feature real pronunciation by native speakers through the innovative use of QR codes on each card, thus fostering acquisition of the correct pronunciation of each word;

(b) offer over 8 different games that children of different ages and at different developmental levels can play to learn and practice active and passive knowledge of the words in each deck, and;

(c) allow for the independent practice of each of the four main language skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing, based on scientific, well-researched, and validated principles of successful language acquisition.

In addition to being the only vocabulary flashcards that offer the three aforementioned features, the Linguacious™ flashcards also include real-world images to represent each vocabulary item and were developed to foster social and linguistically-rich interactions through fun word games.

With the Linguacious™ Around the Home Spanish Flashcard Games, children 2 and older will learn the names for 52 items commonly found around the home in a fun, social, and linguistically-adventurous way.

Best of all, the company is able to release any new language/topic combination in less than 3 months, if enough people show interest in a specific language/topic combination. For that, simply contact the company through their Contact Form on their website.

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Finally! How many times have we all struggled with learning how to properly pronounce a new word in a new language, only to not have a way to know if we have it correct? Linguacious took this to heart and came up with a genius way to solve this problem, by using QR codes to be scanned and you can then instantly hear how the word is to be pronounced, as spoken by a native speaker. This is not only helpful, it is critical to learning the correct pronunciation. This can help those even as young as two years of age begin to embark on learning a second language and do so effectively, with excellence.

The system used by Linguacious, using these flashcards, incorporates all modes of learning into one effective system. Utilizing hearing, seeing, writing and reading. By using all of these methods of learning together, the learning happens faster and easier and is better retained and for a longer period of time. All ages should experience rapid, great success, as they utilize this system.

I love that they are adding to their line of languages as they go, so this system will be available for multiple languages to be learned as time goes, using a system you will become accustomed to. Why stop with one language, when you can begin learning multiple?

I think you will soon agree that this is a simple and effective way to learn common, everyday and household words, in the language you set forth to learn. Each card has bright and vivid graphics, the word clearly printed and the QR code for quick and easy scanning. Once you have done your vocabulary practice with the flashcards, you can also embark on one of the 8 games that can be played using the same cards. This is a hidden enhancement of these gems that makes it an even greater find. (see inside for the rules and details for these games). By incorporating learning into game play, it enhances the learning experience by making it a byproduct of the activity rather than the full focus of the experience. This makes it not only more enjoyable but more memorable.

It will be exciting to see how this company expands with this system, as there is so much potential awaiting them, with this being their springboard into new areas they can approach with this system. Please visit their site to see more information on these great cards and the other items they offer. This is a great stand alone system for learning a new language, or to add to other systems you currently use.

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