Family Review & Award Center

  • Company: Family Review Center
  • Founded: January 2000
  • Tagline: We Review - You Decide
  • Mission Statement: We make your company and product famous!
  • Basic Functions: Reviews and Awards, Business Coaching
  • Monthly Publications: Family Review Magazine
  • Annual Publications: Holiday Gift Guide & Best Products of the Year

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  • Address: 16772 W Bell Road Suite #110-482 - Surprise, AZ 85374
  • Website Viewers: 200k +
  • Magazine Readers: 126k
  • Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Linked In
  • Email List Subscribers: 152k
  • Other Marketing Platforms: Press Releases, Videos, Blog, Forums, Mailers, Networking, Local Events, etc.

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