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Choose your path with Tike Tech's new Sport Series ATX all terrain strollers. Be it a run or brisk walk you desire, this high performance stroller will do the job. Easy to push, Tike Tech's new sport series strollers glide effortlessly over all types of terrain. With many child friendly features including infant car seat compatibility the new Tike Tech ATX single all terrain stroller will handle all your outdoor pursuits.


This has got to be one of the most well dressed Jogging strollers I have yet to come across. It has every safety feature, convenience, and luxury detail built in to one sleek, well designed, convenient, and beautiful stroller. I have been truly impressed by the quality and functionality of this product and know it is one you will be pleased with.

Because it offers the 16" wheel base, it will glide over rocks and other rough terrain that other strollers will get stuck in. We have found this very helpful, because our older children are involved in sports that we attend, on wet and mucky fields, as well as enjoying hiking on many different terrains. This is one we can use anywhere, anytime, without fear of problems lying ahead.

One problem we seem to have, however, is keeping baby awake, when going for walks in this stroller. It truly is so comfortable, she has been asleep within the first 20 minutes everytime we have used it. The thick comfortable woolen fabric that is used as a support and padding, is so soft and supple that I too would fall asleep if I was snuggled up in it.

The sleek design of the ATX All Terrain Jogging Stroller makes it easy to maneuver and get into openings when using in the public square. There is no fear of not making it through normal doorways.The wheels are easy to remove. This comes in handy if you have a small trunk like I do. Transporting it is easy to do and does not take much space because of this great feature. The system is lightweight, weighing in at only 19 pounds. This makes it easy to push and turn.

I love the 12 point handlebar. This makes it handy when you need to reposition it for comfort. When you are going up a steep hill, simply pop it down, and it makes pushing it so much easier. When you are walking on flat terrain, use it in the normal position for a true comfortable position for your hands and wrists.

The reclining function of the seat makes it great when baby wants to go to sleep. Simply lower it and off to sleep they go. It goes to an almost flat position and if my baby's sleeping habits in it are any indication, it is 100% comfortable. In the upright position, they receive great support for good posture and comfort. This along with the 5 point harness system makes it a comfortable and safe adventure, everytime they enjoy a stroll.

They offer baggage that attaches to the stroller, so you can carry just about anything you can think of. The undercarriage offers a great area for storage. With these combined you can set out for a day hike with everything you may need with you.

The accompanying raingear is great to take along on those cloudy days, just in case. This has come in handy when we have been out at a game and weather turned bad. We didn't have to run to the car to keep baby dry, but simply zip on the rain gear and baby stayed warm and dry and was able to watch what was going on around her because it is totally see through.

The ATX All Terrain Jogging Stroller has it all and is a must have for today's on the go family. If you have been looking for a system that will work for any condition and any outing, this is the one for you. I do not think you will find a more versatile system anywhere.

Comes in Woodland Maroon & Pacific Blue

Stand Up: 45.5" L x 22.5" W x 33" - 45.5" H
Folded (no wheels): 29.5" L x 18" W x 13.5" H
Folded (with wheels): 34.5" L x 22.5" W x 23.5" H
Door Pass Through: 22.5 inches
Frame: Aluminum
Weight: 19 LBS
Weight Capacity: 50-60 LBS
Wheels: 16" air-ride PB Quick Release
Tires: Extra wide track all-terrain
Brakes: Front wheel caliper + dual rear parking
Rims: Alloy + sealed bearings
Handle Bar: Adjustable (12 point)
Folding: Tike Tech PPF™ auto-locking
Seat: Wide body reclining + padding & back support
Harness: 5-point

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