Eat to Win
FuNutritional Board Game

Company: Eat to Win LLC

Category: Games and Puzzles : Children

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A board game that teaches the importance of nutrition, healthy eating and physical activity in a fun and engaging way that they can relate to. Game is enjoyed by all ages even adults and may also be played with children under the age of 6 using the Eat to Win Flash cards.


When it comes to our child's health, there are many ways to encourage healthier eating and activity styles, but finding ways to do this that are enticing to them can be a challenge. With the Eat To Win game, it removes part of this challenge by creating a fun and inviting manner to implement and encourage day to day healthy choices.

Targeted at ages 6-13, it can be played by those younger and older as well. This is a great way for the family to sit down at the table and do more than eat. not they can "Eat To Win" !

Game Includes the following:
40 Do It Activity Cards
40 Eat It Trivia Cards
20 Challenge Cards
6 Mover pieces
Game Board
Player Guide
30 Food Tokens
Fun Money
Custom Tray
1 Die

They currently invite you to visit their Facebook page to receive a discount when purchasing the game. (note: this offer may expire at any time, but as of the time of thie review posting, it is available)

Visit their website to see the other various game editions and products they offer. Personal trackers, flashcards, classroom editions etc.

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