BubbleBum Sneck

Company: BubbleBum

Category: Travel and Outdoor Gear : Children

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This comfy travel pillow’s micro-bead filled pillow pods and cozy material allow your child to sleep in total comfort, while providing head and neck support. Perfect for car journeys, bus trips or fly-in’s, the Sneck easily attaches to the headrest with a velcro strap so it stays in place and the kids can snooze comfortably. This cool pillow system also comes with a stash pocket so your child can store their mp3 player or mobile device while not in use.

The Sneck by BubbleBum is ideal for kids on the go.

Micro-bead filled pods and cozy material allow for maximum comfort.

Three way design give you more ways to get a comfortable sleep while traveling

Stash pocket allows you to keep essentials close by and secure

Added strap allows you to attach the Sneck to your head rest for a secure positioning when traveling


Comfortable and well made is the best description I have to offer for this one. So easy to set up and use, and so light and easy to stow away when not in use. The kids love it and so does this mom. For those long rides or even short rides when they are tired, the Sneck offers a safe and comfortable way to get some rest without a lot of setup or bother. It is filled with little beads, so it is not just another squishy pillow, it adds an extra level of comfort because of this great design. It is also has a little mesh pocket so they can stow away their favorite little stuffed animal or their writing journal etc. All of these great features combine into a fine product that I recommend.

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